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Application Process

  1. The application process consists of the Application with all attachments, a West Divide location map indicating the point(s) of diversion.
  2.  Whenever possible fill in the information on the Application. Attach exhibits only when necessary and clearly label them Exhibit A, B, C, etc.
  3. When providing the legal description, provide only the description, not the entire deed or entire plat.
  4. When providing points of diversion or names of rights, provide only that information, do not attach the entire augmentation plan. (The augmentation plan may be submitted as additional information only.)
  5. West Divide requires inclusion into its District boundaries if the property is not already in the West Divide District, the Silt Water Conservancy District, or the Bluestone Water Conservancy District with whom West Divide has Intergovernmental Agreements to provide augmentation water. If the property is north of the Colorado River you may need to petition for inclusion. Call or email the District office for location verification or use the “Locate Your Structure” link to view the coverage of the various service areas.
  6.  View the calendar on the website for Application submission deadline. Generally, it is the second Wednesday of the month, but is subject to rescheduling.
  7. It is to applicant’s advantage to submit the Application prior to the last minute in the event of questions or insufficient information. If the Application is received on the deadline date and information is missing, it will not be on the next meeting’s agenda.
  8. Fees to be submitted at the time of application:
$270 Administration for Application
$125 Administration for Assignment
$125 Administration for Amendment
Additional water use costs will be invoiced. See Rate schedule »

If you have any questions, please email,, call 970-625-5461 or come by the West Divide office, 818 Taughenbaugh Blvd., #101, Rifle, Colorado. Tammy Keenan will be glad to provide personal assistance.